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This tutorial provides key information to better manage the workload of your project portfolio: indicators & tools


Heppner has acquired the Project Monitor PPM tool for time entry, planning and workload management in order to obtain better workload planning and to achieve the company’s objectives in terms of strategic projects. Practical case and testimonial

Example of implementation of an ISD project portfolio

Discover in the interview of Michel Operto, PMO & PPM expert. Michel had the opportunity to implement the prioritisation and management of an IT project portfolio.

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Decisions concerning projects are THE key decisions in project portfolio management. Many companies have difficulty finding a balance between increasingly long lists of new projects, ongoing projects and insufficient financing capacity. What project should be launched? More specifically, which projects should be integrated into the project portfolio?

what are the best project management pmo tools

How to support the project team? Save time and consistency on data analysis? To do the link between the project team and management team? Have a global view on the projects status and portfolios? Using a PMO tools ? You will discover in this article the keys to empower and structuring your project office.

Are you wondering how to set up a PMO (project management office) within your organisation? What are the roles and responsibilities of a PMO? Learn from the experience of the PMO Alptis Insurances, a specialist in health insurance.

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How do you move from project management to the simultaneous management of all your projects and what tools do you use ? This article will give you the keys to choose the right PPM tool for you!

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There is an art to creating a flash report or dashboard report! Flash reports should cover the shortest time period that is feasible, usually a weekly basis.


The ISD must manage its budget in such a way as to actively contribute to maintaining or creating value for the company at all times. The IT budget is a budget which “infuses” through the entire organisation. Why has this become a strategic issue?


Our clients deliver us their project review practices. Robot portrait in the form of QQOQCP of this strong time of steering and governance of their portfolio of projects. In your opinion who participates in project reviews?